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Sticky Brick

Flip Brick Vaporizer
Flip Brick Verdampfer
91,00 € Ausverkauft
Produkt ansehen
Sticky Brick JR
Sticky Brick Junior
169,00 € Ausverkauft
Produkt ansehen
Sticky Brick Junior
Sticky Brick Junior
137,00 € 149,00 € Ausverkauft
Produkt ansehen
Sticky Brick Hydrobrick Maxx
Sticky Brick Hydrobrick Maxx
289,00 € Ausverkauft
Produkt ansehen
Sticky Brick Vaporizer
Sticky Brick - The Brick Vaporizer
204,00 € Ausverkauft
Produkt ansehen

 Sticky Brick Vaporizers We Offer

Sticky Brick is a well known vaporizer company which has focused on delivering the highest quality vaporizers since its establishment. They are well known for being a unique brand in both quality and aesthetics, and they love setting themselves apart in the vaporizer industry by developing fun and new vaporizers.

The high quality make, the great details, and the amazing vapor production that all the Sticky Brick vaporizers provide are one of a kind, and they are always a big hit among the public.

One of the most widely loved aspects about the Sticky Brick vaporizers is the fact that they use a hardwood cover, and other sustainable materials to build their vaporizers. This sets the apart, once again, in the vaporizer industry, and the public opinion about this aspect is always quite warm.

Sticky Brick Original

As the first Sticky Brick to become available to the public, it has become on the the public’s favorite. This is, naturally, not always the case, but since Sticky Brick is always striving to produce quality over quantity, they came into the industry with a bang.

The Sticky Brick Original features an extra large bowl for your dry herb products, which is a major plus. It also features their signature hardwood outside, with a magnetic shutting mechanism which makes it easy to load and put back together.

The Sticky Brick original operates with a manual torch, so it is not your typical vaporizer in the sense that there is actually a combustion happening, as opposed to a quick vaporization of THC. This is a unique feature which the Sticky Brick boasts, but it currently divides consumers because many think it is an innovative idea, but many think that it defeats the purpose of a vaporizer altogether. So, whether it is a pro or a con is completely up to your own preferences.

In addition to this, the fact that this vaporizer’s heat source is a torch, you no longer have to charge your battery, or worry about it running out of charge on your outdoor journeys and adventures.

On the other hand, many claim that the torch factor and the vaporizers shape and size make it less portable than other vaporizers, and that it is a bit harder to take into places where being discrete would be optimal.

The vaporizer actually produces cool vapor, despite what you may think as a result of the torching action, so that is definitely a good quality for this vaporizer. Additionally, the cloud production from the Sticky Brick Original is quite substantial and very satisfying.

Sticky Brick Junior

Thes Sticky Brick Junior vaporizer is, as its name suggests, a smaller, more compact version of the Sticky Brick Original. It has the same heating method as its predecessor, and therefore still divides people in their opinion regarding whether or not that is the best method to use as far as vaporizers go.

This model is considered to be more portable than the sticky brick, but it remains a little less discreet than the average vaporizer pen or other vaporizers. This does not however mean that it is not a great vaporizer to use at home or at a place where you can use it openly and freely.

The Sticky Brick Junior also comes with a 14 millimeter water pipe adapter so you can turn your vaporizer rig into a water pipe at any point along your vaping endeavours. The adapter is also made from great materials, and is therefore quite durable and very easy to fit on to any 14 millimeter fitting water pipe.

We suggest using the water pipe accessory for longer, cooler hits, because with a water accessory, this vaporizer produces huge hits which still taste amazing and feel amazing in your lungs.

Sticky Brick Maxx

The Sticky Brick Maxx is another one of the higher selling Sticky Brick vaporizer units, thanks to its different style of body, and larger herb bowl. As the other two, this one also operates by means of a combustion torch, and therefore produces large cloud of vape.

What sets the Sticky Brick Maxx apart from the other two vaporizers is the fact that it can be connected to many more different kinds of accessories than its predecessors, and even comes with a cork for the air hole for very dense and full flavor hits.

The Sticky Brick Maxx comes with a whip and an 18 mm connection so you can go right from vaping directly from the vaporizer to taking big smooth hits through a variety of different accessories.

In conclusion Sticky Brick vaporizers really does do their absolute best to provide high quality, well made vaporizers that offer users unique vaping experiences every time. All the pieces included with your individual purchases are made just as well as their vaporizer units, so you can rest assured that the whole package is well worth your while.

Whether or not a combustion heating method is your preference is completely up to you, but we at Herbalize Store suggest giving one of these great vaporizers a try and seeing just how well they perform for yourself.