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Rosin Presses

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Rosin presses are like a peak into the future for cannabis users. Although they are not considered “new” in the market, many people don’t know just how much these high-tech units can offer. Although they may be small in size, rosin presses can really pack a punch— literally. Rosin presses are the machinery behind your favorite sticky materials, including dabs, wax and other concentrates. By using heat and a lot of pressure, rosin presses are able to extract all of the THC and other “goods” from dry herbs. This is what makes them great. By having a rosin press in your home, you can create your own sticky materials from your favorite dry herbs, and make your cannabis experience more unique and personalized.

Our Rossin Press Collection

Even though rosin presses are beginning to receive more attention and are becoming more popular, finding them is still tricky. This is why we have created this unique collection, made up of some of the best rosin presses on the market. By only working with well-known brands that focus on the experience their users receive from their products, we are able to proudly boast of the quality in our collection.

With brands such as RosinBomb, and Rosin Tech, we are confident that you will not only be able to have an easy time finding the ideal unit, but also have the best rosin experience possible. Here you will find a handful of rosin presses to choose from, each offering something unique. This is what you will discover in our collection…

RosinBomb Rocket - One of the most popular and widely-used units you will find here is the Rocket rosin press, made by the well-known RosinBomb. This press is capable of pressing up to 5 grams of your favorite dry herbs at once and is only 10 inches tall. Perfect for rosin beginners and first-try users.

Rosin X Mini - This super small manual press is perfect for those that are looking for a more portable rosin option. This unit is tiny and allows you to take it on the go to press around .5 grams of your favorite dry herbs.

More - Don’t think that the greatness stops there. Take a look at our collection of quality rosin presses, choose your favorite, and soon you will be making your own sticky materials in no time.