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Higher Standards

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Higher Standards Accessories Overview

Higher Standards really embodies what it means to produce high quality products. Their equipment is hands-down the best of the best, and is made for those who want to make the most out of every experience -- true connoisseurs. But there’s more… Their hand-blown glass pieces are not the only things they offer. They also offer Higher Standards accessories and cleaning supplies which are made with the same meticulous designing and creation skills as their main pieces.

Blazer GT8000

The Blazer GT8000 is the top-rating torch on the market today. It is made in Japan, and was designed in collaboration with Blazer -- does it get any better? It is made to give you high-powered flame in a steady jet for as long as you need it, and will help you reach the highest temperatures in a matter of seconds. It’s perfect when used in unison with both of their main glass pieces, but it can also be used on its own with other dab rigs or pipes. If you don’t love the idea of smoking, we suggest trying this to heat up your Dynavap unit -- it will work wonders.

Dot Wipes

The Dot Wipes by Higher Standards are packets of premium textures isopropyl alcohol wipes, designed specifically to clean your equipment -- from interior to exterior. We highly recommend always keeping some of these on hand, because we know just how messy resin and other particles can get at times.

Salt Rocks

Higher Standards’ finely ground salt rocks are yet another premium cleaning material. Many people claim that the best way to clean a water tool or glass pipe is by using salt rocks, since it dissolves all the residue, but doesn’t harm the glass at all. We highly recommend trying this method of cleaning all your glass pieces, since it is easy, natural, and incredibly efficient; and what better than Higher Standards’ premium products to do the job?

Silicone Stopper

When using Salt Rocks as a cleaner, you need to shake your glass piece in order to get it all over the glass, and also to break off any particles that are stuck on the sides. Well, that’s been a problem for many of us, since the water always comes splashing out of the various holes in our pipes. But it doesn’t have to be a problem anymore! Higher Standards created this pack of silicone stoppers (six different sizes) that you can plug the pipes with and shake to your heart’s content without getting soaked in salty and resin-y water… Genius!

Resin Rags

Resin Bags are premium cotton blend rags that are made specifically for polishing, drying, and absorbing anything on your glass pieces. They’re great for the final touches of your cleaning ritual, or for using in between your cleaning sessions for small touch ups as you go. We highly recommend keeping these close while you clean or while you have your sessions, because you never know when you’ll need a super absorbent rag during your session!