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Zeus Arc

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Zeus Arc Vaporizer for Dry Herb
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Zeus Arc Vaporizer

The Zeus Arc might be one of the most well-built, versatile portable vaporizers on the market today. Engineered in Germany, the Zeus Arc offers a long battery life, custom temperature settings, and a host of other features you’d expect in a premium device. And whilst it’s certainly not the cheapest device out there, it’s remarkably affordable considering all the high end features.

With the Arc, Zeus have shown that Storz & Bickel aren’t the only German company that knows how to make a powerhouse dry herb vaporizer. If you’re looking for a powerful, hassle free device that produces exceptional vapour quality in every session, the Zeus Arc might be the vape for you.

5 Big Questions About the Zeus Arc

The Arc has much in common with its beefed-up cousin, the Zeus Arc GT vaporizer, but it also has a number of key differences. Here’s what you should know: 

1. What can you vape with the Zeus Arc?

This is a dry herb vaporizer, which is meant to be used with ground herbs as opposed to concentrates like wax or shatter. 

2. Is it portable?

Definitely—the Arc is slim and lightweight, and fits easily in the palm of your hand (a phrase that is often used loosely, but in this case it’s entirely accurate). It’s small enough to be carried in your pocket, or to lose in your bag. 

3. Can you adjust the temperature?

Yes, the Zeus Arc comes with three preset temperature options that can be adjusted using the controls on the device. You can also make more precise adjustments by using the Zeus update app.

4. How long does the battery last?

You can expect to get around 90 minutes of battery life on a single charge of the Arc’s battery. Depending on your temperature settings and usage style, this will cover about 10 sessions.

5. Does it have a warranty? 

Zeus offer a 3 year warranty on the Arc—yet another mark in its favour. The warranty covers factory defects, equipment failures, and related issues. 

Using the Zeus Arc Vaporizer

For a premium vaporizer, the Arc is relatively simple and easy to both use and maintain. Here’s a quick guide to getting the most from your device:

1. How to Operate Your Zeus Arc

To load your Arc, remove the top and insert your finely ground dry herb—be careful not to pack it too tightly. Then, hit the power button on the side of the device and wait for the device to heat up (this will take about 80 seconds). When the lights flash, you’re ready to vape.

2. How to Get the Best Vapour Quality 

The Arc comes with three preset temperatures, and you can toggle between them using the device’s control buttons. If you’re looking to customise your session even more, you can adjust the settings to your precise requirements by using the Zeus app.

3. How to Clean It

The Zeus is simple to clean, thanks to its stainless steel vapour path and heating chamber. You can use a bit of isopropyl alcohol and a cotton swab to clean both. 

What Makes the Zeus Arc Popular

The standard Arc doesn’t have the goldsink technology that gives the Arc GT its name, but it still has a lot of other things going for it:

  1. It’s small and discreet. Your phone is probably bigger than the Zeus Arc—and it probably attracts more attention, too. To the untrained eye, this tiny device has more in common with an external power bank than a vaporizer.
  2. It produces excellent vapour. At the end of the day, this might be the most important characteristic of any vaporizer, and the Arc doesn’t disappoint. All that German technology yields cool vapour that is consistently delicious and pure. 
  3. It’s constantly improving. The Zeus app is one of the best on the market, and the team regularly update key aspects of the device’s firmware. Some vaporizers are designed to be obsolete in a year or two, but not the Zeus Arc.

Zeus Arc Key Features

The Arc itself is short and sweet, and so is this list (which is far from complete) of this vaporizers’ most intriguing features:

1. Design

The aluminium body of the Arc is sleek and sturdy, with a pleasant heft in the palm of your hand. The herb chamber is one of the largest in this class of vaporizers, making the Arc well-suited to extended sessions with friends.

2. Stainless Steel Vapour Path

More metal awaits you on the inside, and this time the biggest impact is on flavour. The stainless steel vapour path of the Arc ensures that each hit is smooth and refreshing (and that there’s not much less to clean up later).

3. Custom Temperature Settings

Here, the Arc offers the best of both worlds: you can either choose from one of three convenient preset options, or explore the device’s full temperature cycle by syncing it with your computer. 

4. Upgradable Firmware

Speaking of syncing the Arc with your computer, Zeus provide regular updates to the device’s firmware that can significantly improve vapour quality, battery life, and other key functions.

5. Built In Multi Tool

We’ve all been in the middle of a vape session and suddenly realised the herb needs a stir—with the Arc, you’ll never have to dig around for a toothpick or pin again, thanks to the magnetic tool attached to the bottom of the device. 

Beware of Fakes on Other Marketplaces!

Herbalize Store only carries authentic products delivered straight from the manufacturer. Some online retailers, however, have been known to sell counterfeit products. Please contact our friendly customer support if you have any questions.

The Final Verdict on Zeus Arc UK

Many people have deemed the Arc one of the best dry herb portable vaporizers on the market today, and it’s hard to argue with them. Thanks to its elegant, compact body and high tech design, the Arc is one of the rare devices that offers both style and substance. Whether you’re a vape beginner just beginning to build out your kit, or an advanced vaper who’s looking for a reliable addition to your repertoire, the Zeus Arc is an excellent option.

What’s in the Box

Zeus Arc Vaporizer

USB Charging Cable

Cleaning Supplies

Packing Tool


Zeus Arsenal Sticker

Technical Specifications 




Dry Herb


9cm tall 4.5cm wide and 2.25 thick


559 grams

Vapour Path Material


Haptic Feedback



3500mAh battery

Information sourced from Zeus.

**For legal use only

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