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Rosinbomb M-60

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Rosin bomb M60 Ireland
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Rosinbomb M-60 - the ultimate Rosin Press

The revolutionary Rosinbomb M60 Rosin Press is all that you’ve ever wanted in a Rosin Press and more. Rosinbomb is the highest quality Rosin Press designer and manufacturer, and their attention to detail is truly admirable.

When it comes to the M60 Rosin Press, you don’t need anything but your material and a 3-prong electrical outlet. The unit is self-contained, and all you need to do is plug it in and press GO to get started.

Rosinbomb M60 Features

*Please be aware: The Rosinbomb M60 cannot be delivered by Next Day Delivery. Due to the size, please allow 7-14 working days for delivery!*

Rosinbomb M-60 Features

The Rosinbomb M60 is complete with utterly unique features, and it’s thanks to these that the M60 Rosin Press is hands-down one of the best Rosin Presses on the market. Curious to know about its features? Here they are:

  • 30 pressings per hour
  • Presses 15g of material per paperless press cycle
  • Up to 90g of Rosin per hour
  • Approximately 15% - 20% of yield
  • 6000lbs of force
  • 100% electric (3-prong power supply)
  • Provides solventless, organic extraction
  • Complete with the Diamond Hard Coating which is 100% non-stick
  • Incredibly high-yield presses every time
  • FDA approved technology
  • Flow Channel™ technology for easy collection and clean-up
  • Allows multiple cycles with no cleaning needed in between
  • Allows for easy and quick mass production
  • UL Certified actuator
  • The uint is 17” tall and weighs 60lbs
Rosinbomb M60 Features

As you can see, the list goes on and on, and to be completely honest, it is much longer than this! This Rosinbomb M60 Rosin Press is on a whole other level, and we’re excited to offer it to our connoisseurs!

Rosin Production

The M60 Rosin Press is so quick and efficient that it allows users up to 30 press cycles in just 1 hour. Not only is it quick, but it presses 15g of raw product per cycle, and provides approximately 90g of extract per hour.

Compared to other Rosin Presses on the market, this one is the quickest and most efficient without a doubt in our minds. With the press’ 15% - 20% yield, the amount of extract gained after just one hour of pressing is im(press)ive!

The Rosinbomb M60 Rosin Press’ 60000lb of pressure, there is absolutely no way to get around the fact that there really is no other Rosin Press like it on the market. Plus, it’s self-contained and does all the work itself (no hand crank, hydraulics, or electric pump), and is perfect for those looking to mass-produce.

It’s important to note that not only is the M60 Rosin Press very quick and efficient, but the quality of the rosin it produces stands alone in premium quality and unparalleled purity. So there really is no way to go wrong with Rosinbomb’s star-press.

Rosinbomb M-60 Technology

The Rosinbomb M60 Rosin Press was designed to allow people the luxury of producing rosin from their own locations, but to also provide people with the quality they deserve - and this is all beautifully reflected in the state-of-the-art technology it boasts.

This Rosin Press is complete with Flow Channel™ technology which, in unison with their FDA-approved Diamond Hard coated plate, makes pressing easier than ever. Thanks to these components, it is not necessary to clean the M60 Rosin Bomb between presses and allows you to do one swift and easy clean-up at the end of your day.

Flow Channel™ technology also makes for incredibly easy rosin collection during press cycles. The Rosin goes from the plate directly into the custom made silicone tray for easy collection and mess-free pressing.

The M60 Rosin Press boasts a UL certified actuator, making the entire process quick, easy, safe, and more efficient than ever. Not only will it get the job done, but it does so with the best technology on the market -- and that’s why we love it so much.

This M60 Rosin Press has easy temperature adjustment which allows you to precisely control the temperatures for each press cycle in an easy and intuitive manner -- using the up and down buttons on the face of the unit.

Ease of Use

As we mentioned above, the Rosinbomb M60 Rosin Press is incredibly easy to use. It comes ready to use right out of the box with “plug & press” capabilities. That means that as soon as you set the Rosin Press up in your space, you can start pressing and producing premium quality rosin.

When it comes to ease of use, the M60 Rosin Bomb is a winner once again. It is so easy that all you need to do is place the press bag onto the press, and then let it do its magic. No hydraulics, no compressor, and no hand-crank is needed!

Thanks to the use of press bags, the entire loading process is also very easy and intuitive. Just fill a press bag with the material, centre it on the Diamond Hard plate, and start the press cycle. Yes, that’s it!

Another thing that adds significantly to its ease of use is the fact that there is no setup needed. Once you receive your Rosin Press, you can unbox it and be ready to go. There is no need for fasteners or tools for the setup, and that’s a major plus in the M60’s favour.

Not only is the entire pressing process incredibly easy, but the cleanup process is too. To clean the press plates, just make sure it’s off and cool, and wipe it down using a soft cloth with isopropyl alcohol. The same thing goes for cleaning the silicone tray.

Rosinbomb M60 Rosin Production

Why Choose a Rosin Press

Rosin presses are a solution to the world of solvent-saturated extraction processes. Solvents and other chemicals are inevitably transferred into the final products after extraction, and they can get into your body when consumed.

But rosin presses are different. They unite both heat extraction and pressure to deliver the purest, chemical-free rosin, without the slightest possibility of getting anything other than pure extracts.

Rosin presses are also much better for the environment than solvent extraction. If the electricity you’re using comes from a sustainable source (solar or wind power), the entire pressing process is almost 100% emission-free.

Not to mention, when we cut out the necessity of harmful solvents and chemicals, we’re no longer left with chemical waste that ends up in our environment and our bodies.

Rosin presses make pure rosin through the use of heat and incredibly strong pressure, and that’s it. Rosin presses are designed to be easily manned by one person. So it’s not labour-intensive, it’s not physically taxing, and it’s easier than ever.

The M60 is built to be very quiet, which means it doesn’t contribute to the sound pollution and inevitable symphony of the industrial era in which we live. So maybe it doesn’t cut out the sound of the city, but it doesn’t add to your headaches. This feature also makes it perfect for indoor use!

What’s more is that the use of an at-home rosin press allows you to meticulously monitor the quality of the rosin you produce, and so allows you to make the best rosin you’ll ever get. Free from solvents, made with the best strains of herb, you’ll have a gold mine in your own home, and that’s worth it all.

So take this opportunity to make your own rosin gold mine right in your own space. It’s small enough to fit in any room you set up for rosin production, and it will improve the quality of your production significantly in just one day of pressing!

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