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Mighty Vaporizer

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Mighty Vaporizer cooling unit
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This is the older version of the new Mighty Plus Vaporizer

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The Mighty Vaporizer is by far one of the most popular vape devices out there in Europe. Created by the renowned German tech company Storz & Bickel, this vape is pretty much the crème de la crème of high-quality products. It looks like the real deal too: its large, bright LED screen is a clear sign you’re dealing with an advanced piece of technology here.

It’s not all style over substance though. The Mighty Vapes rugged, durable plastic shell means you won’t have to worry much about it breaking (as long as you don’t throw it out of a moving vehicle of course). It’s a little hefty compared to other vaporizers, so don’t plan on carrying it around in your pocket. It is, however, small enough to run on batteries.

There’s a reason true vape connoisseurs have sung the praises of this device for years. It's a smooth, tasty and incredible quality vape. The Mighty Vaporizer offers exceptional performance and remarkable value.

5 Common Questions About the Mighty Vaporizer

Here are some of the most common questions people ask us about this particular vape device:

1. What can you vape with the Mighty Vape? You can use both dry herb and concentrates with this device. It comes with a special dosing capsule for choosing the correct amount. There’s also a drip pad that can be bought separetely to prevent concentrates from causing a mess.

Mighty Chamber Bowl

2. Which heating system does it use? This device has a dual heating system. Storz & Bickel developed a patented technology for combining full hot air conduction and convection heat. This helps ensure each hit is both as fast and smooth as a mustang.

Mighty Internal Duel Heating System

3. Can you adjust the temperature? Yes, you can control the temperature using two buttons (+ and -) located on either side of the LED screen. The temperature range of this device is 40°-210° C. You can also display the temperature in Fahrenheit by pressing and holding both buttons at the same time.

Mighty Temperature Control

4. How long does the battery last? The Mighty Vaporizer comes with two lithium ion batteries that can provide up to 90 minutes of continuous use. The device also has a power adapter (not USB), and can be used while the battery is charging. It takes around 120 minutes to achieve a full charge.

Mighty Charger Power

5. Does it have a warranty? Like most of Storz & Bickel’s products, the Mighty Vape comes with a two-year warranty. If your vape has a faulty part or other malfunction, you can return it for a replacement or refund.

Using the Mighty Vape

Although the Mighty Vape is a little more sophisticated than your average vape pen, it doesn't take an advanced degree to use it effectively. Here are some tips that will help keep your vape looking—and performing—great for years to come:

1. How to Operate Your Mighty Vape? This device comes with a large power bottom on the lower left side where your thumb would go. Pressing this button for a moment will turn the device on. Then, you can unscrew the top and insert your herb or concentrate into the vaping chamber. The mouthpiece is found on the top section. Flip it up to take a hit, and flip it back down when you’re finished.

2. How to Get the Best Vapour Quality? The temperature of the Mighty Vape can be adjusted to suit your preferences (and the type of substance you’re vaping). You’ll need to wait around 120 seconds for the device to heat up before using it for the first time. Once it’s ready, take a deep and smooth inhalation. The vapour will pass through a special cooling chamber and, by the time it hits your lips, it’ll feel as refreshing as a sweet spring breeze.

3. How to Clean Mighty Vaporizer? The Mighty Vape is easy to clean thanks to its dual heating system. There’s little residue to clean up, even when using a concentrate. All you have to do is unscrew the top and wipe down the vaping chamber. You can do this using a cotton swab and a small amount of rubbing alcohol. For the best results, you’ll want to clean your vape after every 20 uses.

How to Know If the Mighty Vape Is Right for You

Now that you’ve learned a little more about the Mighty Vape, you might be asking yourself if this really is the vape you’ve been looking for. If the descriptions below describe you, that answer could be “yes”:

1. You need a really durable vape. Maybe you're prone to accidents, maybe your pets have a habit of knocking things off the table. In either case, the Might Vape's thick frame and rugged construction will put your mind at ease.

2. You want your vape's battery to last an extra-long time. The mighty Vape can go all day on a single charge. With up to an hour and a half of operating time, it's a powerhouse of a device that's still light enough to carry around with you.

3. You like to customise your vaping experience. The precision temperature control of the Mighty Vape makes it ideal for people who want to experiment. Turn it up for a more intense sensation, or put it on low for a mild, mellow time.

Mighty Vaporizer Key Features

  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Newest Model with 20% Extra Battery
  • Portable Vaporizer
  • Dry Herb & Concentrate
  • Big LED Display
  • Dual Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Durable & Functional Design
  • Very Low Draw Resistance
  • High-Efficiency Hybrid Heating
  • Precise Temperature Control
  • Made in Germany

1. Digital Temperature Control. Control the temperature on your Mighty Vaporizer with just the touch of a button. It can be adjusted up or down by individual degrees.

2. Pass-Through-Charging. You can use the Mighty Vaporizer even while it’s plugged into a power source, thanks to its pass-through-charging technology.

3. Auto Shut-Off. To conserve battery life, your Mighty Vape will automatically shut off after 2 minutes of inactivity. You’ll feel a small vibration when it turns off.

4. Suitable for Wax and Other Concentrates. Yes! The Mighty can be used with Wax! All you need to do is use the concentrate pad (not included). The concentrate pad must be bought separetely but it lets you vape wax and other concentrates without messing up the vape chamber. You can also vape concentrates by laying down a bed of herb, and placing a pea-sized amount of concentrate on top of it.

5. Battery Life and Charging. The new Mighty Vaporizer has a battery that’s 20% larger than its predecessor.

Average battery life

90 minutes of continuous use

Recharge time

120 minutes

Beware of Fakes on Other Marketplaces!

Herbalize Store only carries authentic products delivered straight from the manufacturer. Some online retailers, however, have been known to sell counterfeit products. Please contact our friendly customer support if you have any questions.

What's in the Box?

  • Mighty vaporizer (2020 model with 20% extra battery)
  • 3x Normal Screen, small
  • 3x Coarse Screen, small
  • 1x Dosing capsule
  • Cleaning brush
  • Herb grinder
  • Spare seal rings, small
  • Filling aid
  • User manual
  • Power adaptor

Mighty Vape Technical Specifications

Size (Height, Width, Depth) 5.5 in - 3.2 in - 1.2 in
Weight 0.5lbs
Temperature range 40°C-210°C ( 104°F - 410°F )
Temperature presets N/A
Temperature settings Manual – by degrees
Heat power source Hot air convection and conduction hybrid
Chamber/oven material Ceramic
Heat up time (in seconds) 90 - 120 seconds
Types of usable material inside Dry leaf / wax / extract / etc.
Dry herb capacity (in grams) 0.3g
Control / setting interface Plus and minus buttons on device / LED Screen
Delivery method Direct pull
Body material Plastic
Mouthpiece material Plastic
Manufacturer Storz and Bickel
Made in Germany
Designed in Germany
Release date 2014
Warranty 2 Years
Information sourced from Storz & Bickel. **For legal use only.

The Final Verdict on Mighty Vape

Storz & Bickel have created yet another masterpiece with the Mighty Vape. While it’s not the lightest portable vape on the market (both in terms of weight and price), it offers a combination of performance and style that’s tough to beat. The Mighty is without a doubt a serious contender for being the GOAT of all vapes.

If you’re looking for a more pocket-friendly vape, you might want to check out the davinci micro. And if your budget is a little tight at the moment, you might be interested in Arizer Solo 2. Otherwise, its very hard to out-class the Mighty Vaporizer.

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