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Flowermate Slick

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Flowermate Slick Vaporizer
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Meet the Flowermate Slick Vaporizer

Flowermate bills its Slick model as ‘the sleekest dry herb vaporizer’ money can buy, but that might be selling this versatile and powerful little device a bit short. For one thing, it’s more than a dry herb vape—it’s compatible with concentrates like shatter and wax as well. And while all vape pens can reasonably be called ‘sleek,’ few can match the Flowermate Stick’s elegant design and pleasant feel in the hand.

In fact, if you’re looking for a great all-around portable vaporizer, the Flowermate Slick has just about everything you’d need. With its removable 18650 battery and large oven chamber than can hold up to 0.4 grams of material, the Slick offers a surprising amount of power for such a petite vaporizer. Throw in the quality engineering and reliable warranty for which Flowermate vaporizers are known, and you’ve got a remarkably versatile and affordable vape.

Flowermate Slick Key Features

Flowermate are known for making user-friendly vaporizers that are easy to operate and maintain, and the Slick certainly lives up to the reputation. Here are a few of the most notable things about this pocket-sized vape:

1. Design

The Flowermate Slick might be small, but it’s built to stand up to some serious wear and tear. The aluminium body is coated in a special layer of carbon fibre that makes the Slick extra durable, grippable, and easy on the eyes (though it’s inconspicuous enough that you won’t attract second looks when vaping in public). The black ceramic chamber and fully isolated airflow ensures that the Slick produces clean, tasty vapour with every hit.

2. Compatible With Dry Herb and Concentrates

No matter your favourite material, the Flowermate Slick is up for the challenge. The large oven chamber holds up to 0.4 grams of dry herb, and if you’re not a fan of cleaning your vape, you’ll appreciate the removable pods. The Slick comes with one pod for dry herb and one pod for concentrates like oil or wax, and by loading these pods before using your device, you’ll never have to scrub your oven chamber with a cotton swab ever again. 

3. Custom Preset Temperatures

The Slick comes with three preset temperatures that can be set anywhere from 196° C to 215° C. It’s easy to select your preferred heat level using the Slick’s convenient one button controls. Just give the Slick five presses to turn it on, then three more presses to choose your temperature. The colour-coded lights around the button will let you know which setting you’ve chosen—blue is the lowest, green is the medium setting, and red is the highest.

4. Haptic Feedback Sensors

In addition to the LED lights, the Flowermate Slick also boasts haptic feedback sensors that let you know your device’s status without even needing to look at it. When you feel the Slick vibrate in your hand, you’ll know that your device is turned on, ready to vape, or set to a new temperature. 

5. Replaceable Battery

The Flowermate Slick comes with a removable and replaceable 18650 2500mAh battery. Not only does this give the Slick better-than-average battery life for a device of its size—around one hour of continuous use, or 10-12 sessions depending on your temperature settings—but it also means you can easily swap out the batteries whenever you need a little extra juice (and don’t have time to charge). 

Who Should Buy the Flowermate Slick?

Vapers of all backgrounds have coveted the Flowermate Slick for its good looks and robust performance, and beginners in particular have found that its simple controls make it a great starter vape. On the other hand, advanced users find it makes an ideal backup or secondary device—the Slick is especially well suited for:

  • People who like vaping on the go. Not only is the Slick small and discreet, it comes with a magnetic cab that helps minimise odour. If you’re looking for a device you can use wherever you might be, this is an excellent option. 
  • People who appreciate a versatile, powerful vape. The removable batteries are nice, but the ability to switch seamlessly between dry herbs and concentrates might be even nicer. And since the Slick is designed with Flowermate’s trademark engineering flair, you know each session will be smooth and enjoyable.
  • People who have a tight budget. At under £60, the Flowermate Slick is less than a quarter of the price of some portable vaporizers. It’s certainly a budget-friendly device (one that can help you stretch out your stash of dry herb or concentrates for much longer), but it’s also made with the care and detail of a much more expensive vape. 

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What’s in the Box

Flowermate Slick Vaporizer

18650 2500mAh Lithium Ion Battery

Glass Mouthpiece

5x Mouthpiece & Chamber Screens

Concentrates Pod

Dry Herb Pod

USB Rapid Charger

Technical Specifications


16cm x 2.6cm (6.25in x 1in)


144g (5oz)

Vapour Path

Borosilicate Glass

Temperature Presets

3 Presets

Temperature Settings

Button press

Temperature Range

196°C (385°F), 204°C (400°F), 215°C (420°F)


18650 2500mAh Lithium Ion Battery

Heating Style

Conduction Heating

Chamber / Oven Material

Black Ceramic

Compatible Materials

Dry Herb and Concentrates

Oven Capacity



Glass Mouthpiece

Control Interface

One Single Button

Delivery Method

Direct Pull

Body Material

Carbon Fibre and Metal

Mouthpiece Material

Borosilicate Glass



Made In


Designed In



One Year Warranty

Information sourced from Flowermate.

**For legal use only

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