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Dosing Capsule Liquid Pads - MIGHTY & CRAFTY

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  • Storz & Bickel Certified Product
  • Vape wax/ concentrate with Crafty or Mighty
  • Stainless steal

Dosing Capsule Liquid Pads - 4 PACK

Liquid pads are perfect to use when you are vaping concentrate / wax with your Crafty or Mighty vaporizer. After a while of usage it's best to insert a fresh new pad to enjoy the wax vapour flavour.

How to use Dosing Capsule Liquid Pads?


  1. Put your favourite concentrate/wax on the top of the pad ( use a the stir tool )
  2. Open the cooling unit
  3. Place the pad in the oven chamber and press it down in place ( does not fit into a dosing capsule )
  4. Close the cooling unit and your ready to vape!

What's in the box?

  • 4x Dosing Capsule Liquid Pads 

Information sourced from the manufacturer

**For legal use only

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