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Aromed 4.0 Vaporizer

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Meet the AroMed 4.0 Vaporizer

For the health-conscious vaper, few devices deliver the power and performance of the AroMed 4.0 vaporizer. This desktop unit is one of the most lung-friendly vaporizers on the market today, crafted from years of research experience by top scientists in the United States and Germany. Specifically designed for medical purposes, the AroMed vaporizer is in a class of its own—and it produces exceptional vapour quality to boot.

Whilst it’s certainly on the upper end of the vaporizer price spectrum, the versatility of the AroMed 4.0 makes it well worth the money. It’s compatible with all materials, including dry herb, oils, and concentrates, and its innovative heating source makes it possible for users to get the maximum dose of ‘active substances’ from all medicinal plants. If you’re looking to make a serious upgrade to your vaping kit, the AroMed 4.0 could be the device for you.

AroMed 4.0 Key Features

The basic premise of the AroMed 4.0 will be familiar to anyone who’s used a desktop vaporizer before, but the device also comes with a number of unique features. Here’s a quick rundown of what you should know about it: 

1. Design

The squat, blockish body of the AroMed 4.0 is considerably smaller than many desktop vapes, though its extra-long heating element makes it taller than most. A silicone whip makes it easy to take huge, satisfying rips during solo or group sessions, and the glass mouthpiece ensures that your vapour is always cool and smooth.

2. Compatible With All Materials

The AroMed 4.0 can be used with any material you can think of: dry herbs, concentrates like wax, oils, and more. It handles all of these with expert ease, too—you’ll get up to 90 percent of the active ingredients of whatever material you happen to be vaping.

3. Innovative Heating System

The AroMed 4.0 vaporizes material with its energy saving ultraviolet free halogen light bulb, which is an unusual hot air source for a vaporizer (most rely on some type of internal conduction or convection heating mechanism). It looks a bit odd, but it also delivers purer and tastier vapour than the vast majority of vaporizers. 

4. Health-Friendly Water Filter

When you buy the AroMed 4.0, you’ll also get an additional water filter, which can be attached to the device to help filter out harmful substances. When the device is used in this way, it offers an ideal combination of the advantages of both vaporizers and water pipes. 

5. Precision Temperature Controls

The temperature of the AroMed 4.0 is controlled by a precise microprocessor that prevents your material from being overheated or wasted. The temperatures, which range from 60°-235° C, can be controlled using the large buttons conveniently located on the front of the device. 

Who Should Buy the AroMed 4.0?

The AroMed 4.0 is a high quality product with a price tag to match—but if you’re ready to splash out on a top of the line vaporizer, there are few better investments to be made today. It’s especially well suited for: 

  • People who want a premium desktop vaporizer. The AroMed 4.0 was created by a dedicated team of researchers and designers with a deep scientific background, and their expertise is evident in every detail from the heating element to the mouthpiece design. The expansive 5 year warranty shows just how confident Green Gold is in their vaporizer.
  • People who are serious about vaping safety. The design staff of the AroMed 4.0 coined the term ‘phyto-inhalation’ to describe how the device operates, as it delivers a greater-than-usual percentage of the key compounds found in medicinal plants. The advanced filtration system ensures no harmful substances make it to your lungs.
  • People who like vaping many different materials. If you’re the kind of person who likes to switch between dry herbs, concentrates, and oils on a regular basis (perhaps even with a bit of aromatherapy thrown into the mix), the AroMed 4.0 is one device that can meet all of your needs. 

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What’s in the Box

AroMed 4.0 Vaporizer

Travel Case

Magic Glass ® Water Filter

Herb Holder


Glass Mouthpiece

Silicone Whip

Halogen Lamp

Band for Glass Filter

Technical Specifications

Vapour Path


Temperature Presets


Temperature Settings

Fully Adjustable Temperature Settings

Temperature Range

60°C - 235°C (140°F - 455°F)

Heating Element

Halogen Bulb

Chamber / Oven Material


Compatible Materials

Dry Herbs, Extracts, Oils, Essential Oils


Magic Glass® Water Filter, Silicone Whip

Control Interface

3 Buttons, Display Screen

Delivery Method

Direct Draw

Body Material


Mouthpiece Material



AroMed HQ Vaporizers

Made In


Designed In



5 Year Warranty

Information sourced from Green Gold.

**For legal use only

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