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AirVape XS GO

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Airvape X Go Vaporizer Ireland
Regular price €56.00 EUR
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Meet the AirVape XS GO Vaporizer

For a highly reliable and portable dry herb vaporizer, the AirVape XS GO is tough to beat. Weighing less than 57 grams, the XS Go is one of the lightest portable vapes you’ve ever held in your hand. The ergonomic design and ultra sleek body show the kind of build quality you’d expect from a device four or five times the price—but the AirVape XS GO costs less than a decent pair of trainers.

Despite the budget price tag, the XS GO boasts high-end features like custom heat settings, built-in tools, and a limited lifetime warranty. It may have made its name as a low cost device aimed at clandestine vapers, but people who value both privacy and a good bargain aren’t the only ones who’ve grown to appreciate the AirVape XS GO. Whether you’re a vape beginner or a grizzled pro, there’s a lot to like in this little device.

AirVape XS GO Key Features

AirVape have a reputation for building small and sturdy dry herb vapes that deliver vapour quality that’s much better than you’d expect, given the tiny size and price tag of their vapes. Here are a few of the high points from the XS GO.

1. Design

The XS Go is, for lack of a better term, a ‘curvy vaporizer.’ The rugged ABS plastic body eschews the box-like design of many portable vapes for a more organic vibe—the device literally looks as if it were designed to fit comfortably in your hand. The mouthpiece is sturdy and made of ceramic, so there are no delicate glass parts to break when you absentmindedly slip the XS GO into your pocket.

2. Hybrid Heating System

The AirVape XS GO features a dual conduction and convection heating system, which ensures that hot air is distributed quickly and evenly throughout the oval shaped ceramic heating chamber. This means your dry herb will always be cooked to perfection, and never burnt to a crisp.

3. Preset Temperature Controls

The XG GO comes with five preset temperatures that range from around 180° C - 216° C. You can control the temperature settings easily using the vape’s single button control—when you switch temperatures, the LED lights on the front of the XS GO will indicate your level of heat. Whether you’re looking for a mild, mellow sensation or a no-holds-barred marathon session, the XS GO is up to the challenge. 

4. Premium Vapour Quality

Thanks to the partially isolated ceramic air path and dual filter system (among other things), the AirVape XS GO produces some of the tastiest vapour you’ve ever seen from such a low cost device. Throw in the device’s rapid heat up time—a mere 20 seconds or so, depending on the temperature—and the AirVape XS GO is a clandestine vaper’s dream. 

5. Robust Battery Life

The AirVape XS GO’s 1200mAh battery isn’t the biggest one on the market, but since the device is so energy efficient, you’ll get up to 45 minutes of continuous use on a single charge. Speaking of charge, few vapes are as quick to regain their power as the XS GO. You’ll only need around an hour to fully charge your device. 

Who Should Buy the AirVape XS GO?

The AirVape XS GO has made a name for itself in the budget-friendly portable vape game ever since its release in mid 2019. Here are three groups of its biggest fans:

  • People who have a tight budget. Retailing for under £50, the AirVape XS GO is one of the most affordable portable vaporizers out there. Unlike many similar devices, though, it’s made by a reputable brand—and the limited lifetime warranty means you won’t be stuck with a lemon.
  • People who like vaping on the go. The AirVape XS GO is a portable vaporizer in the truest sense of the word: there are few pockets too small to contain it. Plus, its inconspicuous design means that it’s easy to use in public areas without attracting too much attention.
  • People who prefer dry herb over concentrates. The XS GO might not have the ability to handle wax or shatter, but if you’re not into those materials anyway, why pay more for functionality you’ll never use? 

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What’s in the Box

AirVape XS Go Vaporizer

USB Charger Cable

Replacement Filter Screen

Cleaning & Packing Tool

User Manual

Technical Specifications


9.6cm L x 2.5cm W x 3.3cm H (3.8in L x 1in W x 1.3in H)



Vapour Path


Temperature Presets

5 Temperature Presets

Temperature Settings


Temperature Range

179.4℃ - 215.5℃ (355℉ - 420℉)


1200mAh Battery

Heating Style

Hybrid Heating

Chamber / Oven Material


Compatible Materials

Dry Herb

Oven Capacity

0.3g - 0.4g



Control Interface

Single-Button Operation, LED Display Screen

Delivery Method

Direct Pull

Body Material

ABS Plastic

Mouthpiece Material




Made In


Designed In



Limited Lifetime Warranty

Information sourced from AirVape USA.

**For legal use only

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