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Gravity - Parts and Accessories

KandyPens Gravity Battery
KandyPens Gravity Battery
49,00 € Ausverkauft
Produkt ansehen
KandyPens - Gravity Canada
KandyPens Gravity
159,00 € Ausverkauft
Produkt ansehen

KandyPens Gravity Accessories Overview

The Gravity vaporizer is one of KandyPens most used units. It’s affordable, portable, high quality, and it’s KandyPens— can’t get much better than that. Although the Gravity like all KandyPens units is made to offer flawless performance fade into the future and is designed to be long-lasting, it needs to be cared for like all vaporizers. Giving you vape unit a little love and care every once in a while is more than important. It ensures that your unit is offering the best it can, and that you are receiving exactly what you need and expect from it. This is where accessories come in to save the day. KandyPens carefully crafts accessories for each and every one of their quality units to ensure that their users always have what they need. For the Gravity, they have one very special accessory… KandyPens Gravity Battery - Is your Gravity old, and not offering the same power or “punch” it did when you first purchased it? Well, it’s probably time for a brand new battery. The Gravity replacement battery is temperature controlled, durable, and designed to save the day when you need your Gravity working at its full potential again. However, this Battery is not only perfect for those that need a replacement. If you want to experience ultimate portability and vape freedom, getting a spare battery is a great option. By charging one battery and using another, you can always keep up with charges, and never have to be left waiting for your unit to recharge again. No matter what your reason, getting an extra battery for your KandyPens Gravity can be a great way to take your vaping experience to the nest level.