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Galaxy Parts & Accessories

KandyPens Galaxy
KandyPens Galaxy
99,00 € 119,00 € Ausverkauft
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KandyPens Galaxy Accessories Overview

Although may seem unimportant, accessories are a vital part of a unit's capability of offering quality. With replacement parts and pieces, or even just “add-on” accessories, vaporizers can last longer and offer better performance. One of the things that makes a brand great is when they focus on their users needs, and offer what they need, before they even need it. This is what KandyPens is able to do by offering accessories for all of their vape units. In KandyPens collection of accessories, you can find everything from atomizers, to mouthpieces, and extend your units flawless performance. By simply choosing what your unit needs to offer the best, you can enjoy quality no matter how old your unit may be. For one of KandyPens most popular units, the Galaxy, KandyPens has a variety of accessory options to choose from. One of the most on-demand accessories however, is… KandyPens Galaxy Battery - Has your unit not been offering the same huge hits of vape it did when you first got it? Don’t worry, there’s no need to through away your unit. This replacement battery is here to save the day. By replacing your Galaxy battery, you can extend its life and improve its performance. It’s as simple as that. Simply screw it in to your unit, and you’ll be on the way to impresssive vape clouds once again.